Cavo Greko - Tigani Rocks
NameGradeLength (m)
1Second HelpingsHVD18
2TiconderogaVS 4c20
3A Bit Of A GiggleVS 4c7
4PumpedVS 4c18
5Bag The BragE2 5c19
6Bag DirectE2 5c19
7ArmlessS 4a18
8BragVS 4c16
9Short, Sharp ShockHVS 5a11
10AftershockE2 5b7
11Despair DirectVS 4c16
12Ride The Wild SurfE4 6a16
13DespairHS 4b16
14Up 'N' OverVS 4c14
15LycanthropyE1 5b14
16Up 'N' UnderHS 4b18
17Halcyon DazeHS 4b15
18This One's For MatVS 4c17
19Smoke Me A Kipper - I'll Be Back For BreakfastE4 6a17
20Ace RimmerE417
21The Final CutHS 4b14
22WarpspeedE1 6a13
23Juggsville, USAHVD10
24Blood On The RocksVS 5b14
25A Laugh A MinuteS 4a14
26The Wrong TrousersHVS 5a14
28Pulp FrictionHVD10
29Hey You Krazy Katz!D13
30A Close ShaveHVS 5b12
31Big Kahuna BurgerHS 4b13
32Royale With CheeseHS 4b12
33Cheesegrater DirectHVS 4c12
34Dark HalfE3 6a12
35Freudian DesiresS 4a12
36Porthole GullyVD8
37Give Me A BreakS 4a8
38Take A BreakE1 5a10
39Point OneVS 4c8