Cavo Greko - Border Crag
NameGradeLength (m)
1First WayMod16
2Come Back BrighterHVS 5a8
3InsurrectionE3 6c8
4Thomson CrackHS 4b15
5Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try!E2 6b8
6Adrenalin JunkieE1 6a8
7Split FingersHVD15
9Windswept And InterestingMS8
10Blank WallHVD13
11Chimney ClimbVD16
12Unsuitable For Younger ChildrenE6 6c16
13Never Say NeverE5 6b16
14Parental GuidanceE1 5b16
15The StainVS 4c15
16Slanting CrackS 4a15
17The ScoopVD14
18Abseil WallVD16
19Rocking StoneVD16
20Rock 'N' RollVS 4b16
21Another One Bites The DustE1 5b16
22The BulgeVD16
24GriffS 4a22
25Channel VHD20
26Strangely BrownHVS 4c19
27Are You Crazy Enough?VS 4b15
28Payne In The NeckHVS 5a17
29The ScarE1 5b16
30Half MoonHS 4b15