Oldest sports crag in northern Cyprus. One of the top three sports crags on the island with many quality routes. Not the most peaceful location (due to the main road, and incessant quarry traffic). But this is less distracting than it first seems. Nice views over the five fingers outcrop.
Directions:From Nicosia (north side) take the main highway heading towards Famagusta (mind the speed cameras - they are 'unforgiving'). Follow the highway for around 12km. Take the turnoff one after the university, and follow the road north. You know you have the correct one if you pass an army camp after 3km (speed camera) then after the road bends right a large quarry. Keep on this road as it bends left and heads sharply uphill. Follow several large lorries full of aggregate as they crawl up the road at a (slow) walking pace - or maybe simply overtake them ;-) At the top of the hill the large Buffavento resaurant is on your right. Continue on the road as it heads down toward Girne/Kyrenia. The crag should be obvious on the left after around 4km. There is a 'picnic' area around 100m from the start of the climbs that you can park in (careful if you have low ground clearance). Follow the obvious small track to the climbs (less than 5 minutes walk).
Aspect:Faces North(ish) Generally in the shade from mid-morning. A good summer crag. Can be cold in the winter, especially if windy.
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Notes:Snakes have, on occasion, been found resting on ledges on routes. Worth bearing in mind....
Routes listed from left to right, in the order you come across them walking in. No pictures yet (sorry!)
More information is available on the UKC web-site.
Route Summary:42 sport (5c to 8b)
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Route Profile:5c6

1 Salamis F7b
2 Lenger Project
3 Richard Lionheart Project
4 Kamyoncu F7b+
5 Hollybeef F6c
6 Hermafrodit F6c
7 Zwanderful Tonight F6b+
8 Karpaz Esekleri F7a+
9 Karpaz Esekleri Direct F7b
10 Drama Queen F6b+
11 Golyandro F5c
12 Marshmellow F5c
13 Hellim F5c
14 Hellim Extension F7b
15 Gufi F6a+
16 Mastika F6b
17 Babavura F6c
18 Ela F8b
19 Anorit F6a
20 Rapunzel F6a+
21 Riviera F6b+
22 Molehiya F6a
23 Gabbar F7a
24 Highway to Heaven F6a
25 Kupdusen F5c
26 Limasollu Naci F6a
27 Baragadi F7a+
28 Monobadi F7a
29 Bafidi F6c+
30 Kedira F6c
31 Ferma F7a+
32 Mardo F6b
33 Marmot F5c
34 Rolling Stones F6b
35 Garavolli F6c+
36 Casablanca F6b
37 Solina F7a+
38 Orfoz F7c
39 Zurnaci F6c+
40 Gindirik F6b
41 Horoz F6a+
42 Gurkuda F5c