When to Visit

Cyprus is an all year round climbing destination. In winter the lower lying areas, such as Cavo Greko benefit from generally reliable weather. Days tend to be mostly sunny, rain relatively infrequent, and temperatures often getting into the high teens (or high 60's). The traditional crags located in these areas are especially attractive in winter. The sports crags, generally located at higher altitude, are also often climbable in winter.

Spring and Autumn are probably the optimum times to visit. Early spring and late autumn provide nice warm weather for both sport and trad. Late spring and early autumn may start to see temperatures too high for comfortable trad climbing, unless conducted in the shade and avoiding the middle of the day.

Summer climbing is generally restricted to sports sectors, preferably in the shade. If there is an off season in Cyprus, then high summer (July and August) is probably it. However, even then there is always something in the shade at the two premier sports crags of Gerakopetra and Dhiarizos. Gerakopetra, being situated at over 600m, and often breezy, is especially suited to summer visits.

Average monthly temperatures can be found on the Cyprus Weather web-site.