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Welcome to Cyprus Rocks

Welcome to CyprusRocks - an online guide to Rock Climbing on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the med and has the best weather in Europe. Whilst relatively unknown as a climbing destination, the number, quality, and diversity of routes belies its low key reputation. Hard information supplying details of the climbing on offer has traditionally been difficult to track down. This web-site attempts to address this. Enjoy!

A Brief Overview of Climbing on the Island

Rock climbing in Cyprus is quite varied compared to some of the other areas around the Mediterranean. Unusually, there is a similar quantity of recorded traditional and sport routes, and the rock type is more complex than simply limestone.

The main areas in terms of current routes are: Cavo Greko - located in the far south east corner of the island and consisting of outrageously featured soft limestone offering predominately trad climbing, Dhiarizos - a hard limestone area located between Limassol and Pafos offering the best sports routes on the island, and Droushia/Ineia which has a wealth of both sports and trad with a healthy dose of bouldering thrown in. The Droushia/Ineia rock is a form of sandstone (thought to be metamorphized). Other rock areas and types and exist and can be found by visiting the main Areas section.

The Cyprus climate is amongst the best in Europe and offers an all year round experience, with the optimum times to visit being spring and autumn. Combine this with its varied and numerous resort possibilities then it makes a good choice as a climbing holiday location, especially if the party includes non climbing members.

Visiting the island but you don't have a climbing partner? No worries - visit the page Finding a Partner to get tips on how best to find a local to climb with.

Current Route Profile

As of 31 Mar 2023 this web-site currently provides information on 29 sectors, including 478 routes (231 traditional routes between Mod and E6 and 247 sport routes between 3 and 8b).