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Deep water soloing/Psicobloc is in it's infancy in Cyprus. There are only a few places known, but doubtless more to be discovered, where the practitioner can practise the dark (and damp) art. Only the bare bones of the locations are (mostly) given. It's up to the reader to use their own exploratory instincts to flesh them out. Adds to the experience, no?


An area of Sea Caves about 1km east of the Pyla sector, towards the village of Potamos. Extends for more than a kilometer, and has plenty of potential. Minimal exploration so far, but for what is known visit: Pyla/Potamos DWS area Can be easily combined with visits to the Pyla sector.

Cavo Greko - Agia Anargiri Chapel

This is probably the best known, and most accessible, DWS spot in Cyprus - expect become a tourist attraction though. Can be easily combined with visits to the Greko area. Google map ref here.

Agios Georgios Island

This is a small island off the coast West of Latchi, in the Akamas region. Can be easily combined with visits to the Droushia area. A boat can be hired from Latchi to get you to the island, which is also popular with divers. Google map ref here.