Summary Listing of all Sectors (click on sector/area names for details)

Sector Area Description #Sport #Trad Rating
Agios GeorgiosHappy ValleyA small scrappy crag, with a few half decent trad routes.07rating
Agios IrakleidhiosAgios Irakleidhios140rating
AlikouDroushia/IneiaInteresting crag with great views over Lara Bay area.81rating
Border CragCavo GrekoExcellent small compact crag with a good routes in the lower grades.030rating
Droushia CragDroushia/IneiaCrag with a few sport routes.30rating
Episkopi/LimassolEpiskopi/LimassolLimestone crag located about 10km west of Limassol with some nice mid-grade routes.100rating
Episkopi/PafosEpiskopi/PafosRecently developed (2019+) sectors, home to the highest concentration of hard routes on the island.00rating
ExhibitionHappy ValleyA nice little trad crag, with several routes, mainly in the lower grades.011rating
Garga SuyuPendadhaktylosOldest sports crag in northern Cyprus. One of the top three sports crags on the island with many quality routes.420rating
GerakopetraDroushia/IneiaGreat crag with many good sports routes and fine views in a peaceful situation.390rating
GermasogeiaGermasogeiaAlmost gritstone like edge, extending for a few hundred metres.00
Greko CragCavo GrekoHome to many fine trad routes, mainly in the lower grades. Some multi-pitch942rating
KakopetriaTroodosVenue high in Troodos hills, home to some good slabby sports routes.70rating
KokkinovraxosDroushia/IneiaGreat little crag with several excellent mid-grade trad lines. 06rating
KoneftiDroushia/IneiaLovingly restored crag boasting a worthy set of new sports routes.190rating
KoratgoiDroushia/IneiaDecent crag reaching 35m in places.04rating
KourtelorotsosDhiarizosGreat hard limestone crag, home to some of the best sport routes on the island.650rating
Misos TholosDroushia/IneiaSmall, but high quality crag with 3 sports routes. 30rating
Panagia tou SindiXeros ValleyRemote sector in a lovely location overlooking the Xeros river valley.120rating
PiastreHappy ValleyA small crag, with some bolted routes.010rating
PylaPylaSea cliffs (sort of) with a decent set of trad lines. 010rating
Tigani CragCavo GrekoA good small compact crag with a good routes in the lower grades.026rating
Tigani NorthCavo GrekoAn easily accessible crag with more short routes. 018rating
Tigani RocksCavo GrekoAn easily accessible crag with more good short routes.039rating
TroodhitissaTroodosVenue high in Troodos hills, home to a few sports routes in lower grade.40rating
Viran RocksPendadhaktylosNice crag, if a little sharp in places. Trad and sports routes with great views, and peaceful location.117rating
Vrachos KorakonDroushia/IneiaMediocre crag with one trad and one sports route - both tough. 11rating
West CragCavo GrekoA small compact crag with a few good routes spread out through the grades.018rating