Another excellent small compact crag with a good routes in the lower grades, plus a couple of great harder routes. A nice situation and even quieter than the rest of Greko
Directions:Either park for Greko Crag or West Crag and follow the instructions for West Crag, and continuing past West Crag on the lower footpath for another 400m, or follow the instructions for Tigani Rocks and Tigani Crag and continue along the path past Tigani Crag for another 200m.
Aspect:Faces South Receives sun for most of the day.
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Notes:Its sunny location makes it a great winter crag, at its best from late October to late March.
Route Summary:30 trad (Mod to E6)
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Route Profile:Mod1

1 First Way Mod 16m
2 Come Back Brighter HVS 5a 8m
3 Insurrection E3 6c 8m
4 Thomson Crack HS 4b 15m
5 Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try! E2 6b 8m
6 Adrenalin Junkie E1 6a 8m
7 Split Fingers HVD 15m
8 Next HD 12m
9 Windswept And Interesting MS 8m
10 Blank Wall HVD 13m
11 Chimney Climb VD 16m
12 Unsuitable For Younger Children E6 6c 16m
13 Never Say Never E5 6b 16m
14 Parental Guidance E1 5b 16m
15 The Stain VS 4c 15m
16 Slanting Crack S 4a 15m
17 The Scoop VD 14m
18 Abseil Wall VD 16m
19 Rocking Stone VD 16m
20 Rock 'N' Roll VS 4b 16m
21 Another One Bites The Dust E1 5b 16m
22 The Bulge VD 16m
23 UNNAMED HS 4b 16m
24 Griff S 4a 22m
25 Channel V HD 20m
26 Strangely Brown HVS 4c 19m
27 Are You Crazy Enough? VS 4b 15m
28 Payne In The Neck HVS 5a 17m
29 The Scar E1 5b 16m
30 Half Moon HS 4b 15m