Interesting crag, until now difficult to access due to the vegetation. Now lovingly cleaned up by locals, and a set of worthy sports routes set up ranging from easy to hard.
Directions:Follow instructions Gerakopetra, but stop before the track drops down to Gerakopetra, and park in the small clearing on the left next to a boulder (useful warm up traversing around it). The back of Konefti is the rock opposite the parking area. To find the climbing, go back onto the track towards Gerakopetra, follow this for about 10m, then pick up the path on the right (marked by a cairn) and follow it to the base of the crag and start of the routes (approx 100m).
Aspect:Faces North west/North From late morning. Descent location for early morning climbing during summer, or afternoon onwards winter.
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Route Summary:19 sport (4+ to 7c+)
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Route Profile:4+1

1 Batman F4+ 16m
Thre first route as you enter the sector from the track. Slightly off balance start then easy, pleasant climbing to the top.
2 Rusting F5a 17m
Similar to Batman, but slightly harder.
3 Analogos F5b 18m
Similar to Rusting, but slightly harder.
4 Matsutzi F6a 19m
Fingery start for a few metres, then easy.
5 Arhigos Mpanagiotis F6c+ 20m
Powerful fingery start for a few metres, then easy.
6 Victory or valhala F6c 18m
A bit blank in places.
7 Dirty Girl F6c+
[More pictures and descriptions to follow]
8 Yellow Yellow F5c
9 Morton F5c
10 Aragon F5b
11 C'est la vie F6a
12 Once bitten, twice shy F6a
13 Marcopsia F6a+
14 Star of Inia F6b+
15 Bleeding Spartan F7c+
16 La preciosa F7a+
17 Estupido Facista F7b
18 Vida Pura F7b+
19 La Ley Natural F6b+