Limnitis bouldering area


Two boulders in a remote, peaceful location overlooking Morphou Bay, in Northern Cyprus, close to the coastline. One of the boulders is pretty massive by Cyprus standards and is well worth spending a day at. Also an overhaning wall about 60m long.

The boulders

The main boulder is a 360° freestanding boulder, with problems on all sides. Reaches a height of around 8m. Although at it's best during autumn through to spring, there is always some part of it of it in the shade. The landings are excellent. An obvious smaller boulder lies about 50m to the north of the main boulder.

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The ridge

Approximately a 10 minute walk from the main boulder, this overhanging ridge stretches for around 60m, and is around 6m high. The problems are hard - suitable for the high end boulderer.

Google maps link can be opened by clicking here