Drousheia Bouldering Area


The entire Drousheia area is littered with boulders, varying from slabby blocs yielding face problems to overhanging boulders with steep powerful climbing. Most of the boulders have decent flat landings, although a bit of gardening might be required at the base of some. The biggest concentration of boulders can be found in the area south and west of the Gerakopetra sector - roughly (but not confined to) the area circled in the above picture.

Although many problems have been climbed, few have been formally documented, so the best option for the visitor is to simply wander around with their mat, beanie, shoes, and chalk bag. Enjoy!

Google maps link to the general area can be opened by clicking here

Drousheia Bouldering Area - 27 Crags There is now an excellent bouldering guide to the area (nothing to do with cyprusrocks), easily the best bouldering information available for the island, documenting around 90 problems spread over 17 blocs. Grades range between f4 and f7b+.
Head over to 27 crags to check it out.
Update:This information is now also available as a free pdf download